Emily Traditional Line of Furniture

The Emily is part of our Emily collection that was inspired by this beautiful traditional Drexel dresser from the 1950’s.


You can see the squared off legs and layers upon layers of details on the drawers, on the legs and on the bottom. 


THIS is why we love vintage and THIS is why we designed the Emily dresser.


But we modernized and upgraded our Emily dresser. How?


The challenge with vintage furniture, most of the times, is scale. Furniture designed in the past century was designed for smaller homes and petite people. 


These days most bedrooms are large and people are much taller. Hence we updated the proportions of our Emily dresser to be 35” tall so it won’t look out of place in a larger bedroom.


Not only that, we have added solid cherry drawers with undercount soft close glides. The inside is just as beautiful as outside. You can’t slam it if you tried!


Eric and I argued over the cherry wood drawer interiors. I wanted the UV coated, generic, kitchen drawer style inside ( because I didn’t know any better) and Eric said, “absolutely not.’  I am so glad that I let him have this one. 


The beautiful details, modern proportions, solid cherry drawers, & soft close glides make our Emily dresser a practical beauty that will serve you for decades.