Founder: Sucheta Wilken
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If vintage furniture could tell stories of everyday life in the 50s & 60s, we’d all be fascinated.

- Sucheta Bhide, Founder


I’m Sucheta. The owner of The Resplendent Crow. I started this company in my garage. I realized I was onto something when a client in Casper, Wyoming purchased a glossy gray dresser from me and I had to look up Casper, Wyoming on the map. 

From my garage, I eventually moved into a 20,000 sqft shop with several guys working for me, including my (new) husband.

The bug of entrepreneurship is a genetic condition in my case and there’s no cure. It runs in the family. They say that a paycheck is one of the biggest addictions to overcome. I somehow managed to overcome mine in late 2016.

I was a divorced immigrant woman with absolutely no family in the USA, my only fall back plan was my ex-husband. He said, "If you lose everything in this endeavor, I will (temporarily) house you in my basement and make sure you don’t end up homeless."

That was very kind of him, but it also became the biggest
fear of mine. Ending up as an unwanted guest in my ex-husband's basement was my idea of abject failure. I was never going to let that happen. It motivated me to work 80-hour weeks for years. From 2016-2020 I didn't take a single weekend off. I was NOT going to end up being a burden on anyone. Ever!

If you think entrepreneurs are fearless people, then it’s far from the truth. We are scared, but we do what we do anyway. And I know you don’t come here for life advice, but I highly recommend if you are thinking or dreaming of doing something then JUST DO IT! You have one life, go after what you want!

Cut the parachute and take a leap.