My Three Favorite Hot Pink Colors For Furniture

Posted by Sucheta Bhide on

We paint a LOT and I mean a LOT of hot pink furniture. There are days that I think I am not an influencer, but I can’t help but admit that I might have pushed many grown women to listen to their inner, feminine, girly girl and take the plunge to choose the color they love. Here are my favorite hot hot pinks 

Benjamin Moore Peony Pink

It’s a lovely, slightly warm, beautiful hot pink that I have repeated so many times. I haven’t gotten tired of it and neither have my clients. It looks beautiful on every single style of furniture. Here it is on a 80+ year old traditional dressers.


Hot Pink Dresser

Ben Moore Gypsy Pink

If you are not afraid of some depth and little purple leaning pink then Gypsy pink is the color for you. It is just as beautiful as peony but bolder. It’s unapologetically feminine, bold, statement maker.

Sherwin Williams Dynamo

This is a recent favorite of mine. After using Peony Pink and Gypsy Pink for so many years, I didn’t think I would find another color I can love just as much. But Sherwin Williams Dynamo looks dynamite with big bold chunky hardware or delicate chinoiserie hardware. Dynamo is like a kid fluffy gala gown that makes an entrance and it’s unforgettable. This is for the bold diva child of yours or your inner bold diva self.

Hot Pink Dresser

As you can see, pink on a traditional Hepplewhite dresser or a dining room buffet looks pretty fantastic. Hot pink lacquer is such a statement making, bold choice that it destroys the “it’s for little girls” myth. No, it’s for grown women who absolutely love hot pink. It’s for those who can’t wear hot pink dress or hot pink lipstick. Now you can have a hot pink dresser or a buffet and I promise it will make you very happy!