How to care for your lacquered furniture

I get this question from clients all the time so I figured I will write a detailed blog post about this.

How do I clean my furniture? What are the do's and don'ts?

Microfiber cloths are your best friends.


Microfiber Cloths

For general dusting, use clean microfiber cloths. Clean, as in, free of any trapped crud that can scratch the finish, are perfect for general dusting. I recommend having pack of microfiber cloths on hand.

Just run them through the washer and they are good as new. 

For a more thorough cleaning, we like using this product. 


This product is used to clean really high end finishes in private jets. It doesn’t leave any streaks, any residue and I I like how it smells. You can get it on Amazon.

If you get anything sticky on your lacquered piece, you can use a mild detergent like Dawn to clean it. Again, make sure you use your microfiber cloth with the detergent. 

You should not need to do heavy duty cleaning of your lacquered pieces. 

Here are some cleaning products that you need to KEEP AWAY from your lacquered furniture.

No Windex - Any glass cleaner with ammonia as the cleaning agent like Windex etal. Ammonia (over time) can damage lacquer and cause chipping and cracking. Remember to check the products that your cleaning company brings (if they bring their own products) because I know cleaning companies love their Windex. 


Windex or like products

No Bleach - Any cleaning product with bleach will also damage lacquer. There is no need to use bleach on lacquer anyway.


So called “Natural cleaning products” have high concentration of citric acid in them. Believe it or not, they can destabilize water based paint. While we strictly use solvent based paint, and not at all concerned about destabilizing the lacquer, we still recommend you keep it away from lacquered furniture because it is harsh.

Anything containing alcohol as the cleaning agent will instantly destroy lacquer finish.

 Rubbing Alcohol


Don't leave your nail-polish remover soaked cotton balls on your beautiful dresser. It will lift the finish. Yikes!! 

Nail polish remover 

Your lacquered finish doesn’t require much so keep the chemicals to minimum.

For decorations that go on top of credenzas, make sure they have felt pads. 

So many pottery type items, lamps etc have very rough bottoms. They will scratch the lacquer so felt pads are a must! 

When cleaning the surfaces, lift, not drag your decorative items. 

Pick up, clean under then put it back.

With very minimal care, your lacquered finish should last you a lifetime. Enjoy!